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Independent Domestic Violence Advisor

Our Independent Domestic Violence Advisor’s (IDVAs) provide frontline services to victims of Domestic Abuse, supporting those at highest risk and advocating on their behalf. We currently have four IDVAs on our specialist team, who work both at the Outreach Support Centre and in the community.

The aim of an IDVA is to keep the victim and any immediate family safe, and reduce the risk of further abuse by providing short to medium term crisis intervention.

How we support high risk victims

IDVA’s work within a multi-agency framework consisting of the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) and local partnership responses to Domestic Abuse. If you have been identified as a high risk victim of Domestic Abuse through the MARAC process, an IDVA will contact you within 48 hours.

Risk assessments

Emotional support

Safeguarding children – including child protection issues, child contact arrangements and referrals to specialist children’s workers if needed

Support to find safe and secure alternative accommodation if required

Individual safety planning and support

Legal or civil proceedings – advice on legal/civil orders, writing legal documents and support in relation to court and arranging special measures

Target hardening – improving the security of clients homes so they are able to live safely

Referrals to specialist support services including benefits, counselling, drug/alcohol support, mental health services

Long term support

Although our IDVAs work with clients for up to 12 weeks, if clients still feel they need support they will be referred to another service which meets their needs. This happens only when the risk to the victim is reduced.

Additional Fortalice support services include telephone or one to one advice, counselling, The Freedom Programme, Recovery Toolkit and Next Steps.

By supporting the empowerment of the client and assisting them in recognising the warning signs of Domestic Abuse, we aim to help them regain control of their lives for positive long term outcomes.

How can I access the IDVA service?

Any victim of Domestic Abuse who is at serious risk of harm can be referred in to the IDVA service from any agency once an assessment has been completed and submitted via the MARAC process.

For more information please ring 01204 365677 or email

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